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Legacy Score: 0–14


From the moment we brought the first dinosaur back from extinction, it was inevitable. The genetic power we first exposed on Isla Nublar has now been unleashed on the world, and there is no going back. The dinosaurs that weren’t killed by Mt. Sibo either escaped into the wilderness or were ferried off the island under the cover of black smoke and exploited as weapons for those in power. Your noble intentions are cast in a dark light, and now you must work from the shadows to stimy the churning chaos. Only your team has the expertise humanity needs if it is to escape this frightening age of dinosaurs in our world.

Legacy Score: 15–24


The events on Isla Nublar have led to this sudden, radical change in life on Earth. Humans and dinosaurs are now forced together, and nobody is prepared. World powers scramble for solutions—some for conservation, some for safety, and some for power and profit. Through dedication, diligence, and hard work, you guide leaders around the globe as they barely stave off the panic from overwhelming their people. Your hard-won experience is what humanity needs to navigate the future of living in a new balance. Without your knowledge and research, the world would be facing an uncertain future.

Legacy Score: 25–34


Humanity may yet survive the return of dinosaurs, thanks to your efforts! The lessons learned on Isla Nublar serve to guide the nations of the world as dinosaurs make their homes across the globe. Previously unimagined genetic research comes to fruition, creating new offerings in healthcare and bioengineering. While our wilderness becomes more perilous, and some still leverage dinosaurs for personal gain, your work has ensured that the worst fate will be avoided. Instead, we witness the dawn of a new era—an era of man and dinosaur coexisting on Earth.

Legacy Score: 35–40


Your work on Isla Nublar has been influential in demonstrating how humans can live peacefully in this new world of dinosaurs. While their history is complicated, the parks were the home of considerable study and training that have given society the tools it needs to live amongst dinosaurs. Thanks to you, we live in an age of genetic discovery, and nations across the globe designate nature preserves to create peaceful habitats for our returning companions. Both the humans and dinosaurs of the planet have you to thank for a new era of innovation and harmony!

Legacy Score: 40 + 1 for Rescuing Everyone from Isla Nublar


Your efforts on Isla Nublar have been instrumental in demonstrating how humans can live in balance with dinosaurs. While their history is complicated, the parks were the home of significant study and training that have given society every tool it needs to seamlessly coexist. Thanks to Wu’s database and your team’s exhaustive research, we live in a new age of genetic discovery that improves the lives of every living thing on Earth. Governments the world over designate acres of land to create peaceful habitats for our returning companions. And each and every dinosaur has a genetic parent from a specimen you yourselves rescued. You have ensured that the future is a bright one for humanity, dinosaurs, and the planet.