Something Wild! Steamboat Willie

A fast-paced, light card game for the whole family! Featuring a collectible Steamboat Willie Pop! figure, as well as memorable characters from the iconic animated film. Power Cards add fun new twists to the classic card gameplay. Combine with other Disney Something Wild! games to add more characters, Pop! figures, and Powers to your game!

MSRP: $8.99
Age Range: Ages 6 and up
Players: For 2-4 Players
Play Time: 15-minute gameplay
Item No.: 68478
UPC: 889698684781

Game Information

A line of card games featuring beloved characters and collectible Pop! pocket figures. Play numbered and colored character cards to make sets and runs. Score a set to snag the character figure’s special power that helps you win! The first player to score three powers wins the game. Combine multiple games to add more character cards, more Pop! figures, and more powers to your game!

  • One Pocket Pop! Steamboat Willie Mickey figure that lets you use Powers.
  • Metallic Chase figure available in limited quantities!
  • Nine classic characters in signature Funko Pop! style.
  • Use new Powers to swap cards, score points, and press your luck!

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