Rear Window Game

Experience Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Rear Window in this game of deduction and suspense!

MSRP: $34.99
Age Range: Ages 13 and up
Players: For 3-5 Players
Play Time: 40-minute gameplay
Item No.: 60501
UPC: 889698605014

Game Information

Carefully observe strange clues and ominous patterns in the things going on in the apartments across the way. There are parties, knives, a saw, bickering, laughing, music…and a mysterious trunk. Do you detect a murder? Or is the secret, private world of the neighbors planting frightening ideas in your mind?

  • Compelling gameplay that brings the movie to life using cooperative deduction and decision-making.

  • The players are unaware if a murder happened until they start noticing suspicious signs from their neighbors.

  • Beautiful illustrations and design transports players to the era of 1950s murder mysteries.

  • An eye-catching package that features Hollywood legends Grace Kelly and Jimmy Stewart.

  • The recognition of Alfred Hitchcock and his history of suspenseful filmmaking immediately sets the tone for gameplay.

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