Peanuts Charlie Brown Trim the Tree Game

Charlie Brown wanted to get a tree with heart, but it’s going to need some love!

MSRP: $19.99
Age Grade Ages 5 and up
Players: For 1-5 Players
Play Time: 15-minute gameplay
Item No.: 74018
UPC: 889698740180

Game Information

Hang ornaments everywhere you can without losing the big red ornament. Work together and use a light touch to brighten Charlie Brown’s Christmas!

Interesting Features

  • Charlie Brown’s iconic Christmas tree takes center stage! Play as a team to decorate it—and be careful not to bend it too much!
  • Featuring 18 ornaments to hang on the tree, with art in the classic Peanuts style!
  • Use special star ornaments to help in a pinch and lighten up your tree!
  • Cooperative gameplay brings your family together for a lively holiday game night!

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