Disney Return of the Headless Horseman

After midnight in Sleepy Hollow, the town comes to life with spooky sounds and creepy creatures! Ichabod is frightened and needs your help!

MSRP: $19.99
Age Range: Ages 6 and up
Players: For 2-4 Players
Play Time: 15-minute gameplay
Item No.: 60865
UPC: 889698608657

Game Information

Work together to get him to the covered bridge before the Headless Horseman heads him off! It’s a family game of frightful fun!

  • Brings to life the ghost story from Disney’s animated classic
    The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

  • Includes Ichabod and the Headless Horseman figures with dynamic poses.

  • Cooperative play gets the family working together to help Ichabod reach the covered bridge!

  • Spin the tree to draw more cards! Then put Ichabod on the tree for a frightful ride!

  • Adjustable gameplay to fit your family—you can reduce the strategy or make the game more challenging!

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