Disney Princess See the Story

Find matches from iconic Disney films in the wishing well reflections.

MSRP: $19.99
Age Range: Ages 4 and up
Players: For 2-4 Players
Play time: 20-minute gameplay
Item No.: 53754
UPC: 889698537544

Game Information

Look into the magical wishing well! You’ll see enchanting objects and memorable characters from your favorite Disney Princess stories. Race to find two pictures from the same story! Toss your token into the well and point out two pictures from the same Disney Princess story. If you’re right, collect one of the coins for your Disney Princess board! Be the first to collect 4 coins in a row to win!

  • Includes all 12 Disney Princesses.
  • Turn the spinning bucket to magically reveal pictures in the wishing well.
  • Glittering picture coins include 60 animals, sidekicks, and objects from the Disney Princess films.
  • Babysitter Approved: Easy to learn, easy to put away, and fun to play!

Where to buy

Also available at your friendly local game store.

How To Play

How to Play Disney Princess See the Story