Chip ‘n’ Dale Christmas Treasures Collector’s Edition

Chip ‘n’ Dale have found their way into the Christmas tree! Help them collect treasures and treats for their winter stockpile and avoid getting caught by Pluto!

MSRP: $22.99
Age Range: Ages 5 and up
Players: For 2-6 Players
Play time: 20-minute gameplay
Item No.: 76212
UPC: 889698762120

Game Information

Flip over cards to discover the hidden treasures in the tree, then collect cards to score points. Make the best collection to win!

  • New deluxe version includes stunning custom packaging, a game board, and more!
  • Vibrant foil cards are set up in the shape of a Christmas tree, with a star on top as a festive centerpiece!
  • Lively and colorful illustrations capture the spirit of classic Disney Christmas cartoons!
  • A fast-paced, easy-to-learn game that tests your memory and lets you push your luck!
  • This Collector’s Edition makes for a special gift and a joyful holiday game night!

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